Top Drives Hack

Top Drives Hack – Gold and Cash Cheats

Want to have some fun time by playing a unique racing game? Then, consider playing the Top Drives game right away! The game is a perfect combination of strategic card collecting as well as a racing theme. Competing for exclusive cars in live multiplayer events with our Top Drives Hack will certainly keep you hooked to your screens. So, are you ready?

Top Drives Hack

Top Drives is a wonderful card collecting game that has more than 700 real life cars to collect and compete with players. Your motive in the game is to build a perfect racing deck. You can select the cars for your collection from the hundreds of cars that are available in the game. To collect all the cars you may need the help of our Top Drives cheats. Always try and include some beauties like Bugatti, Mercedes, and Ford to your collection! The game can be enjoyed on iOS and Android platforms.

In-Game Currencies; Cash And Gold:



The two main currencies of the game are Cash and Gold. Both these currencies will be required for collecting new cards and upgrading the cars. Cash is the primary currency of the game, which is easier to collect in comparison to the other currency. Gold is the premium currency of the game that can be purchased by spending real money or generated with Top Drives Hack. An easy but time-consuming way to acquire Gold for free is by watching videos. Each video that you watch will let you earn 5 Gold. If you complete watching all videos then wait for sometime so that they can replenish. Then, you will be able to watch all of them again. However if you want bigger amounts and easier we highly suggest to use Top Drives Hack.

You will notice a timer on the screen that will let you know the time for receiving free gifts. So, keep a note of them and try to acquire them consistently. Moreover, every 24 hours you will receive a mystery gift. However, to acquire that, you need to login to the game every single day. The mystery gift is usually a car pack that will provide you with some cards. If these cards are duplicates then you can use them to fuse to better cars. So, in some way or the other, the mystery gift is helpful for achieving success in the game. Also, as it is free of cost, acquiring it every day is a good idea!


You need to build a perfect deck in the game and for that you will have to collect several types of cars. These cars will eventually lose their sheen, so upgrading them is highly important. To upgrade them, you will require plenty of Cash. Also, you need to fuse three other cars to unlock new tires. Always use duplicate cars or those vehicles that have weak stats at the time of fusing.


By winning several races, you will be able to earn Stars. Each Star will let you pull one card. These Stars can be cashed in for prizes like new cars, Cash, Gold, or XP. As you already know Cash and Gold can be easily generated with Top Drives Hack. You can earn a maximum of three Stars at each level. So, you should try to collect all these Stars by replaying the races in every stage of the game. In this way, you will also be able to test different cars and see how they perform. It will enable you to build a perfect deck for each match.

The unwanted cars should be sold off quickly before they go to waste. If you lose a race, you will end up losing several points and will eventually miss a Star. On the other hand, you can get more points by beating the opponents in the race. The number of Stars you acquire will also determine the amount of bonus cards that you can flip over and it will even let you unlock new circuits.

Read On To Know Some Effective Tips And Strategies For Top Drives Game:

  • Plan well and select the right car for each race. Keep in mind that the fastest car is not always the best choice for races.
  • You must study the stats of each car properly so that you know which car can be used in certain weather conditions, tracks, etc. Stats can be known by checking the box on the left of your screen. You can even flip over the car card to study its stats in detail.
  • There are five main stats that need to be considered before picking a car. These include; top speed, grip, time, tires, and drive configuration.
  • If you do not want to race all through the level then you can skip and reach ahead till the end. For doing this, just tap the screen as soon as the race begins. It will make you reach one or two seconds before your car crosses the finish line. This feature will enable you to speed up the entire process especially when you want to participate in many races and within a short time span.
  • Make sure that you build a solid team by collecting different kinds of cars. Focusing only on high speed cars will not be helpful. The varied challenges that you will face in the game will require cars with different stats. So, ensure you have a varied bunch of cars so that you can manage all challenges easily.
  • The weather conditions and tracks play a vital role in the game. So, keep that in mind before selecting the car for racing. For instance, if it is raining then the tracks will be slippery and a car with high grip will only be able to excel in such situations.
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  • You will be given only a fixed number of upgrades. So, you need to plan well and select the appropriate upgrade for your vehicle. It is always better to focus on power as well as handling.
  • At the time of picking cars, check out their highlighted stats. The car that has the most highlighted stats will be the right pick for your game. These stats will be mentioned on the left side of your screen and the highlighted ones will be blue in color.
  • Do not ever back out from the race as it will still be considered as a race and you will lose points.
  • By unlocking a specific country, you will be able to race in any of the tournaments that are going on in that particular country. This feature makes the game easier because you can participate in only those races that suits your cars and will make you earn a bunch of Stars. You can skip all those races that do not fit your vehicle.

Boss Battles:

At the end of each level of the game, you will have to battle with the boss. If you have already acquired several resources and upgraded your cars then you can consider racing through the levels as quickly as possible. This will let you challenge the bosses faster so that you can defeat them and win their car.

To conclude, Top Drives is a unique concept that can be enjoyed by all gamers. The beautiful graphics of various cars will surely make you drool and keep you busy for several days. You can either play the game by selecting single player campaign or the multiplayer mode. The Top Drives game has acquired 4.5 stars out of 5 on the rating chart, so give it a shot!


Top Drives Hack